Review by Catherine b M. in La Grange, NC
Project: Repair Drywall
I really appreciated Lynwood’s and Bradley’s taking the job. The work consisted of multiple stress crack repairs throughout the house and garage in preparation for getting the whole interior painted. They have a couple other jobs going on that are larger in scope, but they were kind enough to fit my work into the schedule. They did the repairs over three days in order to allow time for the mud to dry thoroughly between coats. They completely explained each step as they did it—“it’s going to look like this the first day, then tomorrow, I’ll do...,” etc., so I knew what to expect. The repairs proceeded exactly as they said they would. They sanded and primed on the last day and the walls and ceilings are ready for the painters. The only way to tell any crack was ever there is that the area is whiter (and cleaner) than the areas that are going to be painted. They arrived when they said they would. They cleaned up each day. The only way for the floors to be cleaner would be for them to have gotten down on their hands and knees to scrub them! Their rates are fair and the work is very good. It is nice to see a contractor take pride in what he does. That is a rare quality these days, so I feel fortunate that he agreed to do the work.

Review by Debra C. in Clayton, Nc
Project: Repair Drywall
Very satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the work. Also very nice people to deal with!
Review by Sarah D. in New Bern, Nc
Project: Install Drywall
Polite and courteous. Arrived on time, every time. Cleaned up the job site. Great finish work. Completed the job ahead of schedule. Would definitely hire again.

Review by Bobby D.
Project: Repair Drywall
They do what they say they will do. Show up on time .

Review by Elwood H.
Project: Repair Drywall
He does some outstanding work.